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Residential Duct Systems

Residential Duct Systems

So you want to go “green” and replace your old system with a high efficiency, two-speed compressor with a variable speed indoor fan, a programmable touch screen thermostat, getting all sorts of state and federal rebates for being energy conscious thus reducing your carbon footprint on the planet. Faaaaaantastic.

What about the ductwork? Most homeowners will have their equipment replaced without even considering what it’s being attached to. I hear things like, “Well it seems to blow ok,” and, “Sure that one room is warmer than the rest of the house, but that’s normal,” and, “I have to turn the television volume up when the unit comes on.

While people have become accustomed to the little quirks of their air conditioning system, that doesn’t mean it’s right. Even worse, it’s probably not energy efficient.

We are certified by the National Comfort Institute (NationalComfortInstitute.com) for air balancing and air diagnostics. How would you know if your air delivery system is wasting energy if you’ve never had it tested? Duct design, principles, theories, and practices have come a long way in the last twenty years.

Using state of the art software applying a massive number of formulas and calculations, we can tell you if your current system is oversized, undersized, or ‘ok’ sized, and it’s just that your duct system is all screwed up. Improperly designed and poorly installed duct systems can strain a new system to the point where it’s not much more efficient than your old one. Our Seasonal Energy Efficiency tests are free. Without using a lot of technical, boring jargon, it’s a procedure that grades your system’s efficiency.

Studies have shown that the national average efficiency rating for a home’s heating and air conditioning system is 67%. That’s a D! We’ve come across a few in the 50’s, which means that half the energy spent running that equipment was being wasted.

Does this say that you have to replace the whole duct system? It absolutely does not. We are experts at revamping existing systems to raise the overall efficiency levels. Sometimes the ductwork is too far gone to be helped and must be replaced.

With our free estimating process, what have you got to lose, unless you’re happier just not knowing, which we’ve also seen? Out of sight, out of mind, I guess. The payback on having your duct system revamped, tweaked, modified, or replaced depends on the level of work that must be done.

We will analyze the issues, come up with a plan, sometimes multiple plans, discuss your options with you until you know as much about it as we do, and then let you decide. No pressure, no guilt, no worries.

Any improvements that you want to have done can easily be financed with your new equipment installation. Most homeowners know very little about heating and air conditioning. We want you to make an informed decision based on solid data, considering all your options, answering all your questions so that you’ll feel comfortable with your purchase and consider us a trustworthy friend.

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