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Ductless Airdoctor
Multi-split ductless air conditioners and heat pumps are energy-efficient heating and cooling options for Murrells Inlet homes and commercial buildings. Ductless systems feature high-tech Trane technology and offer certain advantages over traditional forced-air systems. Trane ductless systems have an outdoor unit and up to five indoor units. Each indoor unit has its own thermostat which controls the climate in that room or zone. With ductless technology, you can heat or cool only the rooms you are using, whereas, with traditional forced-air systems, you have to heat or cool the entire building.

The Ideal Cooling and Heating Solution for Your Murrells Inlet Home

An average home with forced air HVAC, up to 30 percent of the total heating and cooling costs pay for treated air that escapes through leaks in the ductwork. Because mini and multi-split ductless technology involves no ductwork, there is no loss of treated air through leaks. Rather, all treated air is delivered directly from the outdoor unit to individual rooms or zones via the indoor units. By eliminating ductwork leaks and adding in the precise temperature control made possible by zoning, energy costs are reduced. Ductless mini-split air conditioners are ideal cooling solutions for:
  • Home additions
  • Garage apartments
  • Sunrooms
  • Condos
  • Apartments
  • Basement and attic living spaces
As well as other smaller areas or rooms that are not served by the ductwork in a forced-air system.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

In forced-air systems treated air must travel through the air ducts to reach the target rooms, and if that ductwork is dirty, the air is likely to get polluted along the way. With mini and multi-split systems, the air that's used to heat and cool a building is delivered directly from the outdoor unit to a room or zone via an indoor unit. That delivery system assures fresher, cleaner air, especially when you add in multi-stage filtration.

Call Air Doctor Services, Inc. for Ductless AC Installations

As a Trane Comfort Specialist, Air Doctor Services, Inc. can help you decide whether a ductless heat pump or a mini-split AC system would be right for your Murrells Inlet residence or commercial building. Call us today at 843-305-8824 to schedule a no-cost heating and cooling consultation and to find out whether a multi or mini-split heat pump or air conditioner would qualify you for South Carolina energy-efficient incentives.

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