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Residential New Construction

Residential Construction

You get what you pay for, especially in this industry. Efficient, reliable systems aren’t cheap. They can be affordable, but never cheap.

We think back to how many times we’ve received a call back to a house we were underbid by another mechanical contractor due to that person not coming back or not being able to fix the problem that they created. When it comes to building your dream house, do not cut corners on your HVAC system. You will pay for it later.

Some of the most common mistakes are rooms being different temperatures, noisy vents and filter grilles, a noisy outdoor unit, and the moldy incubator your house becomes because the system was oversized.

Are you familiar with the business adage, “location, location, location”? We have our own version: education, education, education. You can never have too much of it. We continually train our technicians on new equipment with budding technology, air flow principles and calculations, and the best way to put it all together.

We hear guys at the supply house counters bragging about how they can install a new system in a 2,500 square foot house in 5 hours, ducts and all. It takes us on average at least twice that. Now, why is that? We’re not slow, so what’s left? Quality, precision, and accuracy.

It takes a little while to support flexible ducts to allow for the least resistance to the airflow. It takes time to design, build, and appropriately support a trunk line at the length it should be. It takes twice as long to add multiple returns to a house where others use just one. We do things by the book. When we install your system, we can guarantee it will be installed correctly.

Our responsibility as reputable contractors is to give you the most for your dollar, even after the installation is complete. We utilize computer generated heat load calculations to know what size to install and slide rules to calculate the different size ducts needed.

We know what your entire system is going to look like before we pull out the first ladder. The phrase, “good enough” does not exist on our job sites; it just has to be right. Call Air Doctor Services, Inc. today!

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