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We’ve said it for years. Anyone can install an air conditioning system. The significant thing that sets us apart during an installation is the attention to detail.

Chances are you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a mediocre installation and a perfect installation, but we can, and we strive for perfection. It is standard for us to replace all the supporting parts involved with a system replacement.

Other companies may sell you just the equipment, but we believe that if you’re replacing a 20-year-old system, it would be irresponsible to leave components attached to that system that is going to fail. Electrical disconnects, thermostats, drain pans, float switches, support blocks, wiring, breakers, duct plenums, and outdoor unit pads are commonly replaced components on our projects.

When you purchase a system from Air Doctor Services, Inc., we don’t want to hear from you for a while. That is, we don’t want a call from you telling us your brand new system isn’t working due to a 20-year-old component that didn’t get replaced because it’s not part of the equipment.

Now if you want to call us to say how much you love your new system, by all means, call. We live for that.

You Can Count on Air Doctor Services, Inc. for a Residential Replacement

It’s as important to balance your new high-efficiency system as it is to install it properly. Balancing a system is to dial it in for peak performance. The coveted perfect installation. What good is spending money on super efficient equipment if your fan speeds aren’t set for ideal dehumidification, or the system refrigerant pressures aren’t calibrated to specifications?

We use whatever gauge, sensor, or another nifty gadget is necessary to give you every penny’s worth of energy savings that your system is capable of. We figure if we can save you money, that’s a good enough bribe to get you to tell your neighbors about us.

Call Air Doctor Services, Inc. today for a residential replacement in your Myrtle Beach, SC home!

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