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3 Benefits of an iWave Air Purifier in Myrtle Beach, SC

Using an iWave air purifier in your home can significantly reduce symptoms of asthma and allergies. These purifiers can dramatically improve your family’s health and comfort in Myrtle Beach, SC. Learn more about the benefits of air purifiers to help you decide whether to install one in your home.

Reducing Asthma and Allergy Symptoms

The CDC has reported that about one in 12 individuals has asthma. People with chronic asthma continually deal with inflamed bronchial tube networks.

If you have this medical condition, poor air quality can cause discomfort and distress. When combined with pet dander, seasonal pollen, and dust mites, asthma can become a serious health risk if you don’t use a purifier to remove allergens from the air.

Dog and cat owners have their own set of air quality challenges. These animals scratch themselves frequently, releasing dander into the air. Even if you diligently vacuum, hair and dander will frequently circulate throughout your home. As a result, pet lovers with allergies can anticipate bronchial irritation all year long.

Fortunately, air purifiers like the iWave can allow you to enjoy your animal companions without experiencing undue suffering. Air purifiers help remove particles that exacerbate allergies from the air.

Eliminating Dangerous Chemicals From Indoor Spaces

Researchers are still exploring the many ways that air pollutants affect indoor air. However, it’s already clear that these common pollutants are harmful to physical and mental health. With their developing systems, children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of pollution exposure.

At any age, people with underlying health problems are also at risk. Simply closing your doors and windows doesn’t safeguard your family from external chemicals like nitrogen dioxide or carbon monoxide.

Alarmingly, researchers from the National Library of Medicine have linked these pollutants with increased cases of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. An air purifier like the iWave can help free indoor areas from these and many other pollutants.

Neutralizing Unwanted Odors

This consideration might seem relatively unimportant compared to the direct benefits that air purification can offer for your health. Still, there’s no doubt that bad odors can negatively affect your quality of life. Whether you live near a factory, farm or swamp, unpleasant outdoor air can seep into your home.

Allergens, pollutants and environmental odors don’t have to make your living space uncomfortable. To learn more about how iWave air purifiers can improve your indoor air quality, get in touch with the HVAC maintenance experts at Air Doctor Services today.

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