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The devastation that Hurricane Florence brought has wreaked havoc on our community. Damage to homes and HVAC systems have put our customers in unimaginable situations. If you’re a homeowner in Pawleys Island, Conway, Georgetown, SC and the surrounding areas, follow these tips on what to do if your home is flooded due to Hurricane Florence:

Turn the Power Off

If your air conditioning unit or yard is flooded, it’s important to go to your home’s breaker panel and turn your unit off right away. If electricity is still flowing to your unit, more damage to the electrical components can occur. Don’t turn your AC on until you can get an HVAC technician to perform an inspection.

Contact Your Insurance Company

If your entire home is flooded, file a claim with your insurance company as soon as possible. You should have photos and a list of your damaged possessions so your claim will process faster. Once your claim has processed, an insurance adjuster will visit your home to inspect the damage and determine how much your insurance company is going to pay on your behalf.

Call Air Doctor Services, Inc. for AC Repairs

The team at Air Doctor Services is here to assist you with any AC repairs you might need. You should call us if there is a foot of water in your home, and your air conditioner isn’t working properly. One of our service technicians will be dispatched to your house to inspect the damage done to your AC.

The technician will check to see if the water caused your AC’s electrical components to short circuit, in addition to cleaning the unit and determining whether you need an AC repair or replacement. If you need air conditioning repair service, contact Air Doctor Services at 843-305-8824. We offer 24/7 emergency service.

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