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3 Ways to Go Green This Winter

The winter months in Murrells Inlet can be cold and damp. After a day at work, you want to come home to a warm, comfortable home. However, running your furnace or heat pump regularly can increase your draw on the energy grid and lead to a non-energy efficient home. We’ve listed three ways you can keep your home green this winter without sacrificing comfort.

Seal Gaps

You may not notice them during the warmer months, but gaps become increasingly problematic as the weather grows cooler. Gaps and cracks can let out the warm air and leak in colder outside temperatures, forcing your HVAC system to work harder.

Finding these gaps can be time-consuming on your own, but fixing them can make a huge difference in improving your home’s energy efficiency. Check around doors and windows first — these are the most common air leak spots. Plus, reducing air leaks helps improve indoor air quality.

Programmable Thermostat

Help keep your household on a regular warming schedule by using a smart programmable thermostat. This handy technology allows you to set times for your HVAC system to activate. By programming it to stay dormant while you’re at work and turn on an hour before you get home, you’ll be able to improve your energy-efficiency while still being able to enjoy a cozy home when you return.

Many of these smart thermostats also let you monitor your house’s temperature on your phone, giving you an extra level of control to help keep you in the know. Most systems will allow you to adjust the temperature via your phone as well.

Upgrade Equipment

If your equipment is older, it’s harder to keep your home green. Older systems lack modern energy-efficiency capabilities and may just take more energy to work in general. Consider scheduling a consultation to see if your HVAC system needs to be upgraded.

Staying green during the winter doesn’t have to be difficult, and a certified HVAC technician can help make the process easy. Call Air Doctor Services, Inc. at 843-305-8824 to set up a meeting with a technician to help improve your home’s energy efficiency today!

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