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Dirty air ducts in your Garden City, SC, home can worsen and cause health problems. The following issues can be attributed to dirty ducts: respiratory problems, poor quality sleep and autoimmune disorders.

1. Respiratory Problems

Dirty air ducts contribute to respiratory issues from the cold and the flu to asthma. If you already have a respiratory health condition like asthma or allergies to pollen and dust, unclean ducts trigger and worsen these health conditions.

If you worry about the quality of air in your home, you should schedule duct cleaning. If you have a pet or a smoker in the home, it might be more often than you think.

2. Autoimmune Disorders

Dirt buildup inside the ducts worsens the symptoms from autoimmune disorders. As with respiratory problems, you should have your ducts cleaned frequently if anyone in your household has an autoimmune disorder.

Contaminants that collect in your air ducts include pollen, dust, biological microorganisms, pet dander and debris. All of these substances reduce your indoor air quality. They get circulated throughout your home as the heating and cooling system runs.

3. Poor Quality Sleep

It’s not just those who have respiratory problems and autoimmune disorders that suffer from dirty air ducts. Air contaminant buildup inside the ducts can cause symptoms like throat and eye irritation in otherwise healthy individuals.

Allergies and other respiratory-related conditions can develop at any age. Keep your ducts clean to reduce your risk.

The discomfort that poor indoor air causes you can interfere with your sleep quality. Even if you sleep throughout the night, the quality isn’t necessarily good. You’ll know your sleep quality is bad if you wake up feeling tired or unwell.

Dirty air ducts contribute to health problems like respiratory conditions, autoimmune disorders and poor quality sleep. Contact Air Doctor Services to schedule an appointment for duct cleaning in Garden City.

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