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As a ductless heating and cooling owner, your comfort is a priority. Several potential causes could hamper your ductless mini-split system in the attempt to provide the comfort you desire. Let’s take a look at some common problems for ductless mini-split systems in Murrell’s Inlet, SC.

Refrigerant Leaks

If you’ve noticed a reduction in your system’s cooling, especially if the system is more than a few years old, you may have a refrigerant leak. These can be difficult to detect due to the routing of lines inside the walls, so if you suspect a refrigerant leak, it’s best to call a professional for air conditioning service to find and repair the leak.

Ice on Coils

The outdoor unit on a mini-split system siphons heat out of the air by evaporating refrigerant that flows through a coil. As the refrigerant evaporates, it draws heat out of the air and into the coil. If the air around the coil becomes too cold, condensation can form and freeze, reducing or completely blocking airflow through the coils.

Fan Damage

A faulty or damaged fan motor will reduce airflow, effectively preventing the transfer of heat and cool air upon which ductless systems work. A damaged fan may also lead to frozen evaporator coils.

Clogged Condensate Line

Ductless systems rely on a condensate line to drain water outside of the house. The units may get clogged from the growth of biological contaminants. You should resolve clogged condensate lines quickly, as they may cause water damage; therefore, if you have a clogged condensate line, you should turn the unit off and call a professional HVAC technician.

Your mini-split system should provide the utmost comfort and efficiency. If your current system isn’t living up to that standard, give us a call at Air Doctor Services, Inc. to discuss ductless system services.

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