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Checklist for Your AC in Garden City, SC

Like cars and other machines, air conditioners also need tune-ups to increase efficiency and performance. Regular maintenance will help you save on electricity bills since your AC will consume less energy. Below is a checklist for your AC in Garden City, SC.

1. Replacing Air Filters

Faulty and clogged air filters will negatively affect the performance of your AC. You should check your air filter monthly and clean it as well. The ideal way to determine if your air filter requires replacement is to hold it in the presence of light, and if you’re unable to see the light passing through, you should immediately replace it.

2. Check the Thermostat

A thermostat primarily ensures your indoor temperature remains comfortable and regulates your AC’s operation. At times, the thermostat may fail without your knowledge, which is why testing it is important. AC technicians can take care of this for you.

Consider upgrading to a programmable thermostat that you can control using a smartphone application for maximum efficiency. A well-maintained thermostat will reduce your electricity bills by automatically switching off the air conditioning when it’s not needed.

3. Schedule Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the only way to ensure your AC is in tip-top condition. You can periodically consult a reputable company that offers maintenance services. With regular maintenance, you can easily identify an emerging defect with your AC and plan how to address it as soon as possible.

4. Clean the Air Vents

The air vents of your home are likely to accumulate dust over time due to continuous operation. When the air vents clog, your AC operates inefficiently. You can vacuum around the air vents to eliminate any debris present.

Contact us at Air Doctor Services, Inc. for duct cleaning, air conditioner repairs and ductless AC installation services. We’re a reputable contractor offering maintenance services for all types of HVAC systems in Garden City, SC.

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