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Heat Pump Noises You Can’t Afford to Ignore in Murrells Inlet, SC

Heat pumps in Murrells Inlet, SC, may be a bit louder than other types of heating and cooling systems, but they still shouldn’t make unusual sounds. Continue reading to learn about three of the top noises that indicate your heat pump is in need of repair.

Metal Banging

Something is probably loose or broken in the heat pump when you hear a metal banging noise. It’s not good to have metals clanging into each other because it can cause more damage to the system.

The source of a banging sound could also be a foreign object getting tossed around inside the system. This could damage your heat pump. Whenever you hear a banging noise from your heat pump, you should turn off the system until a technician inspects it.


A gurgling noise may mean that you need to recharge your coolant, a task that only a certified technician should do. Heat pumps require a precise level of coolant to function properly. The gurgling noise comes from air getting inside of the damaged refrigerant line.

Low refrigerant can cause your heat pump to overheat or moisture on the evaporator coil to freeze. It may also cause a sudden increase in your energy bill from excessive energy use due to decreased efficiency.

We recommend that you schedule a heating tune-up in fall to reduce the chance of refrigerant problems over winter. Annual heating tune-ups are necessary to keep your heat pump in good condition as well as to maintain a valid warranty.


Screeching usually means that metal is scraping against metal. This can cause extensive damage to your heat pump to the point that you need a replacement. You should turn off the system and wait on repairs.

Regardless of the unusual sound your heat pump is making, prompt repair is important. Contact Air Doctor Services to schedule heat pump repair in Murrells Inlet, SC.

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