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The kind of heating system you use in your home can affect your comfort. Deciding on a suitable heating system may be a challenging task. Here are four factors to consider when selecting a new heating system in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Fuel Type or Energy Source

It’s essential to know the type of fuel and cost available in your area. A qualified technician may give you some estimates for different fuel or energy sources. Heating systems require oil, gas and electricity to run.

Overall Costs

It’s advisable to consider the initial cost and the long-term cost of maintaining the heating system. With a high initial price, heating systems might have little maintenance and repair costs and a longer-lasting life than inexpensive heating systems.


If you buy a heating system that’s too small for your home, it won’t perform at peak efficiency. An oversized system won’t evenly heat your home, which will result in wear and tear. A qualified technician can help you decide on the variables to look at before buying a system and advise you on the best system that may suit your needs.

Energy Efficiency

When you’re buying a new heating system, look for energy-efficient systems. You can determine how energy-efficient a furnace is by looking at its Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency ratio. Energy-efficient systems also have an ENERGY STAR logo. The certification logo lets you know that your system meets ENERGY STAR’s energy-efficient requirements.

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