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The cold winter months and mild summer temperatures in Garden City, SC, will likely make you set the thermostat at different comfort levels. Sometimes, you may feel that the thermostat reading exceeds what it’s set to. Here are three reasons your thermostat is exceeding its reading.

The Placement of the Thermostat

When installing a thermostat, don’t ignore the importance of a suitable location. A thermostat installed in a warm place close to a furnace, a utility outlet or a source of sunlight will get warmer quicker than the surrounding area. As a result, the reading will often exceed what it’s set to.

To get a normal reading, move the thermostat to a suitable location. You can also call an HVAC service provider to get advice regarding a suitable place.

Malfunctioning Sensor

To detect the temperature, every thermostat comes with a sensor. If you feel that the thermostat is not giving an exact reading, it may be due to a broken sensor. Under these circumstances, call one of our trained technicians to change the sensor.

A Large HVAC System

If your HVAC system is larger than its required size, the system will cool only certain areas before shutting down prematurely. It also means that the thermostat will always show a higher reading.

To deal with the situation, you can install a zoned HVAC system that breaks the home into multiple zones. Another cost-effective solution is to install more than one thermostat to coordinate readings in different parts of the home. Whatever your decision, just make sure to get expert help because HVAC installation and maintenance always require a professional assessment.

If you need professional assistance in Garden City, SC, and the surrounding areas, you can call us for assistance. Contact Air Doctor Services for your home or commercial HVAC needs.

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