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Can your air conditioner take another South Carolina summer? If you’ve taken good care of your AC unit, it might last you 15 years. However, it will not be as efficient as it used to be, and it may not keep you as comfortable as you would like. Here are three reasons to consider AC replacement now:

1. Avoid Emergency AC Installation

Staying with your existing unit may delay the expense of air conditioner replacement, but if the system performs poorly or stops performing at all, you’ll be facing emergency AC installation. In summer, HVAC contractors are overbooked with air conditioner repair calls and emergency AC installations. You may have quite a wait before a contractor can fit you into their schedule because cooling season is a busy season.

2. Get a Good Deal on a New System

If your system quits unexpectedly, you won’t have time to find the best deal on a replacement. You’ll be desperate to cool off your home, and because other homeowners will be in the same situation, available units in the Murrells Inlet area may be limited. When you can take your time selecting a new AC unit, you’ll be able to shop for dealer specials, compare system efficiencies and find out which systems qualify for rebates and utility company discounts. You’ll also have time to find a reputable contractor who will take the time to size your unit correctly and install it properly.

3. Follow Professional Advice

It’s always good to have a second opinion. A reputable Murrells Inlet HVAC contractor will conduct a cooling system installation consultation at no cost to you. You can also schedule air conditioner maintenance and ask your technician if he thinks your unit can survive another summer. Because he will be inspecting the unit, he can offer an informed opinion. Should you decide to wait, a tuned-up air conditioner will have a much better chance of making it through another cooling season, and AC maintenance is cheaper than AC replacement.

To schedule a no-cost cooling consultation at your Murrells Inlet home, visit Air Doctor Services, Inc. or call today!

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