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Tips to Troubleshoot Your Thermostat

The dog days of summer have arrived in Murrells Inlet and your cooling system is getting a strenuous workout. If it seems like something is not quite right with your AC, the thermostat could be the culprit. Try these quick tips to help troubleshoot common thermostat issues before calling an expert.

Simple Thermostat Problems

Many newer units have batteries that inevitably go dead. Older units won’t have them, but newer, wireless systems will. Use Lithium batteries for longer life.

For older, mechanical thermostats, remove the cover and see if the inside is dusty. Try a quick, gently dusting.

If your thermostat is near anything that generates heat or in the sun, it won’t work correctly. Lamps, TVs, and computers can cause faulty readings and need to be moved away from the unit.

Make sure your unit is straight by checking it with a level and adjusting if you need to. Mercury switches won’t function correctly if they’re tilted.

You can reset your system easily by switching the thermostat to heat and setting the temperature at 60 degrees. Shut off the power to the system at the breaker and leave off for about a minute. Reset the breaker and turn on the air to reboot the system.

Call an Expert

If it seems like it’s taking too long for the AC to kick on between cycles or your home never seems to get to the right temperature, your anticipator is probably off. It’s inside the thermostat and is a delicate piece of metal that’s best adjusted by a technician.

Thermostats can’t read temperatures correctly unless they’re at least five-feet off the floor. If your unit needs to be moved, that’s a job for a professional.

Lastly, it could be your unit has gone bad and needs to be replaced. Whatever the case, it’s time to get help from one of our skilled technicians. Call our Murrells Inlet area experts at Air Doctor Services, Inc. at 843-305-8824 for a diagnosis and repair today.

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