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Weird noises coming from your air conditioner mean that something’s wrong with your system. If you ignore the noises, they could eventually become a significant problem that’ll cost more to remedy. It’s critical to comprehend why your AC unit in Murrells Inlet, SC, is making strange noises.

Broken, Loose or Unbalanced Parts

Your AC will have a banging or knocking sound if a part in the AC compressor, such as the connecting rod, crankshaft or piston pin, is loose. The sound could come from other loose parts inside the blower unit other than the AC compressor. If you hear banging noises inside your AC unit, contact an expert who’ll help replace or tighten the loose areas.

Failing Thermostat

If your AC has issues with temperature control, you might hear clicking sounds as it struggles to communicate with the thermostat. The clicking sound shouldn’t worry you if it happens at the startup or shutdown of an electrical component, but if you hear ongoing or constant clicks, then you need to call an AC repair expert before it becomes a bigger issue.

Deteriorating AC Unit

After 10 years or so, most AC units will begin to deteriorate, making a rattling noise. Also, your AC unit will rattle if it becomes blocked with twigs and leaves. A maintenance professional can inspect your AC to prevent future damage to components such as the compressor.

Electrical Problems

If there’s a problem with the electrical system, your AC unit will make a popping or buzzing noise. The circuit breaker in your AC could get destroyed if it collects dirt and debris. If you have an electrical problem, such as loose wiring or a problem with the fan motor, you should call in a professional who can solve the problem.

Do not overlook strange noises from your AC. Contact Air Doctor Services today for assistance in maintaining your air conditioner.

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