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Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach, SC Air Conditioning Repair & Service

Myrtle Beach, SC is known for its sunny climate, moderate temperatures, and pleasant ocean air. However, when temperatures and humidity rise during summer months, most residents rely on air conditioning for indoor comfort. Air Doctor Services, Inc. provides a full range of heating and air conditioning services. Our services include new installations, scheduled repairs, preventive maintenance, indoor air quality analysis and duct fabrication, cleaning, and repair.

We are a Trane Comfort Specialist, which means that we must maintain the highest standards of both customer satisfaction and technological excellence. We are authorized to honor all Trane warranties and guarantees. We use factory-authorized parts whenever possible. Our well-stocked trucks are ready to go when you call for repairs, service, installation or a free consultation.

New Installations in Your Myrtle Beach Home

If your existing system requires frequent repair, it may be time to consider a new unit. Technicians at Air Doctor Services, Inc. have experience in installation of all makes and models of HVAC equipment in Myrtle Beach homes. We use industry standard calculations to determine the proper size of unit for your situation. Load is calculated on some factors including the number of doors and windows, landscaping, building orientation and how many people occupy a room.

If you have never had an air conditioning unit, we can evaluate whether a ducted system can be installed or whether a ductless system is more compatible with your indoor comfort needs.

If you have high utility bills, your existing unit may be using too much energy to keep you cool. New heating and air conditioning systems operate using less energy without sacrificing comfort. Our technicians can recommend energy-efficient models that suit your budget and comfort needs in your Myrtle Beach home.

Duct Fabrication, Cleaning, and Repair

Most people don’t know what an integral factor ducts are in an HVAC system. Ducts transport conditioned air throughout a building. Improperly sized ducts affect airflow, which can compromise indoor comfort, operational performance, and energy efficiency.

We provide free assessments to evaluate the efficiency of the ducts of your system and make recommendations on how to remedy any problems. We take the time to answer all your questions. We make and install new ductwork as well as repair and clean existing systems.

Air Doctor Services, Inc. offers coastal corrosion warranties, 10-year warranties on new installations, 24-hour emergency service, and same-day repair service. We are licensed, insured and bonded to operate in communities around Myrtle Beach. Give us a call today for an installation or a repair!

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